Turning the Tide


This past year has been long and difficult. History shows that when happy, confident, and trusting Americans are first thrust into war, the early results are often disheartening. Since the national election on November 3, 2020, there has been a string of defeats for those who love the USA. The same Americans, who were shell shocked by the 2020 election and the ensuing cultural decay, hastily regrouped, established a defensive position and even notched a few early victories. Citizen activists quickly lifted the veil of complacency from their eyes and focused a bright light on the alarming ideas, goals and actions of the far-left. Soon the frontline Patriots were joined by many more concerned Americans who woke from their own slumber and rushed to join the battle to save America. Numerous individuals and organizations began taking individual and collective action to defend this remarkable country.

Conservatives formulated strategies to protect family and friends, their community, and America. They listened, learned, raised their voices and took action. Wisely they tended to focus their actions where they would have the most influence, at the local and state level. They got on the ballots for city, county, and school board positions, positions that had until now been won and monopolized by left-leaning candidates. And for the first time in a long time, where there had once been only left-wing advocates, there were now conservative voices. Those voices were few and insignificant at first, but their numbers, power and effectiveness will quickly grow.

Then on November 2, 2021 the underdog Republican gubernatorial candidate in ‘blue’ Virginia won his election and Republican candidates also did well in the very ‘blue’ state of New Jersey. Those two off-year races showed the Biden Democrats that Traditional American Patriots had joined in the fight. Then on November 19 there was more good news. A jury of twelve “ordinary” citizens, found that an American’s right of self-defense still is lawful when they rightly (and bravely) judged Kyle Rittenhouse not-guilty of numerous bogus criminal indictments including murder.

The American right has come a long way in the last few months. An apt comparison might be to America’s first year of war after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. Conservatives today had no idea how weak and unprepared they were until the tarnished victory of Joe Biden blew away their false sense of security. They no longer had Trump to take the lead, ( and in retrospect abandoning him to suffer from the treachery, the torment and the lies), as he worked to protect American traditions and values. It became obvious that to save America, conservative Americans had to join ranks to turn around the leftist’s juggernaut and the anti-Trumper’s betrayal. Who could Conservatives count on, really count on, to do this difficult work? Many took a long look in the mirror and found the one answer they needed; and so they joined.

The war between the “woke” and the patriots has just begun. There have been early setbacks for the “right” side, but there are many battles left to fight. The forces for good are now getting smarter and stronger. The patriot combatants have differing strengths and strategies, but when it comes down to sharing the core American values of Truth, Liberty, Individualism, Justice and Equality of Opportunity, all wear the same Coat of Arms and wave the same flag.

It is the Christmas season. Take a moment’s respite from the conflict to celebrate this season of joy and love. Then return to the field and prepare for the struggles yet to come. It will not be easy. It will take wisdom, dedication, unity and determination. Like those American soldiers, sailors and civilians who were attacked in 1941, we did not choose this conflict or start this war. But so it has come to us. No one else will fight this battle for us. This is our time, our challenge, our moment. We will win; we must win. Our children and grandchildren depend on us. Our families and friends are watching. America is waiting; her future hangs in the balance. The world is watching: freedom hangs in the balance. History holds its breath waiting for Conservative warriors to write the next glorious chapter of the American story. Will it be a continuation of the 247 year old story of enlightenment, bravery and freedom? Or will it be the sad end of that story and the beginning of a story of historic failure and a world-wide return to darker times?

Be strong and faithful and it will surely be a chapter of battles fought, victories won and America’s Greatness restored.