Local candidates for House Districts (HD) and Senate Districts (SD)

SD 4: Incumbent Republican Mark Blasdel http://markblasdel.us/
SD 5: Incumbent Republican Bob Keenan250-4111

HD 3: Jerry O’Neil https://jerryoneil.com/
HD 4: Incumbent Republican Matt Regier 253-3293
HD 5: No Republican Candidate
HD 6: Incumbent Republican Carl Glimm http://www.glimmforhouse.com/
HD 7: Incumbent Republican Frank Garner https://frankgarner.org/
HD 8: Republican John Fuller-No incumbent challenger https://fullerhd8.com/contact/
HD 9: Republican David Dunn Facebook David Dunn for Montana house district 9
HD 10: Incumbent Republican Mark Noland 253-8982
HD 11: Incumbent Republican Derek Skees http://derekskees.com/
HD 13: Incumbent Republican Bob Brown


Matt Rosendale U.S. Senate https://www.mattformontana.com/
Greg Gianforte-U.S. House of Representatives https://gregformontana.com/

Randy Brodehl http://randybrodehl.com/
Brian Heino for Sheriff
Travis Ahner for County Attorney
Adele Krantz for County Treasurer
Debbie Pierson for County Clerk & Recorder/Election Administrator
Jack Eggensperger for County Superintendent of Schools

Regional & State-Wide Candidates:

Brad Johnson-Public Service Commission http://psc.mt.gov/
Bowen Greenwood Clerk MT Supreme Court https://www.greenwoodformontana.com/