Can you Smell It?

Mixed with the aroma of Springtime flowers is the sweet smell of Republican victories wafting out of Helena.

However, Senate Minority Leader Pat Flowers (yes, Flowers), a Democrat from Belgrade MT, could no longer tolerate the stinging pungency of resounding Democrat defeats. On May 3, 2023 Sen. Fowers brought forth a sine dine motion abruptly ending the 68th Montana Legislature, leaving some unfinished business.

Of the 4,643 bill requests drafted at the beginning of the session, 1,698 bills were introduced, of which 788 (over 46%) successfully passed through the Legislature to the Governor’s desk. It was the highest number of bills passed in a single session in 24 years. The 68th Legislature was filled with historic ad triumphant successes in protecting the Constitutional rights and liberties enjoyed by Montanans. Republican legislators held a solid 2/3 supermajority, and we celebrate their achievements and hard work on our behalf.

Just a few of the highlights include:

1. Protecting our youth from “transgender” medical mutilation (SB 99 sponsored by Sen. Fuller)

2. Income tax rebates, tax relief and tax cuts

3. School choice protections

4. Revision of the Business Equipment Tax threshold, making our state more business friendly

5. 2nd Amendment protections – including HB 356 preventing discrimination against the firearms industry

6. Pro-Life – passage of 10 pro-life bills,  four of which were sponsored by the Regier family, and five signed into law by the Governor as of this writing

And so much more!

The FCRCC is especially proud of the conservative Republican legislators from Flathead County and their long hours of courageous public service. House Speaker Matt Regier received a bi-partisan standing ovation for his speech at the end of the session.

We welcome our conservative Republican legislators home as heroes for standing strong for truth, righteousness, and the traditional family values we cherish. Job well done!

And – this Spring don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers, and breathe in the fragrance of freedom that is uniquely Montanan.


by Constance Neumann