School Board Election in the Flathead

Dateline: January 20, 2037

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez will be sworn in as President of the United States today as America completes its historic transition to 1-party rule. With the Democrats now holding super majorities in both the House of Representatives and the Senate, the long-term goals of the radical-progressive wing of the Democrat Party will certainly be achieved.

Within a matter of weeks, legislation will be approved adding 7 new Justices to the Supreme Court. Shortly after that, approval will be granted to add Washington DC and Puerto Rico as the newest states in the Nation. The southern border will be fully opened to all people who wish to come to America. The right to vote will be given to anyone, 16 years of age and older who resides in the United States, without regard to citizenship status. These changes will ensure that Democrats will win future elections and pass favored legislation without any significant opposition from the few remaining Republicans who still hold political office.

The Democrats sweep in the 2036 elections has been hailed by the victors as the triumph of young America. Over 80% of voters 18 -45 cast their ballots in favor of Democrats. President Ocasio-Cortez thanked them for their votes, while giving special accolades to the educational system in America that molded these young Americans through progressive educational mainstays including the 1619 Project, Critical Race Theory (CRT), Transformational Social Emotional Learning (SEL), and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) immersion programs.


Don’t panic. It is still 2023 and we still have a fighting chance to make 2036 the year that ends the political career of AOC (or whoever) as we celebrate newly elected Republican President Sarah Huckabee Sanders if we act now. By now I mean today, no later. By act, I mean get involved in the School Board elections that will culminate on May 2, 2023. I know we get tired of hearing that every election is the most important election of our lives. But, this election and all school board elections are about our kids and our kids are our future. What we do today for the children (or what we neglect to do), will affect our future, our Valley’s future and most importantly THEIR future. When we get lethargic we lose and the Woke win.

In too many ways we have abandoned the education of our children to the credentialed professionals. This is unacceptable. The children of our community deserve a team of “experts” including first and foremost, their parents and grandparents, their churches, as well as their schools.

So please act now. Get involved. We cannot bring back President Trump, secure the border or retire Chuck Schumer in the next few weeks, but can influence and win these local elections. Registration to become a candidate ends on March 23 at noon. Election Day is May 2, but ballots go out in the mail on or about April 17. Yes we have mailed ballots and early voting. Our democrat friends know that system well and they know how to take advantage of it. We too can learn how to play the game and to use those early ballots to our advantage. I suggest that 70% of the candidate’s efforts and the efforts of those who support them should be completed by April 22. A rough estimate is that 60% of all mailed ballots will have been tossed out or voted and returned by that time.

Here is a suggested campaign timeline:

TODAY: Register as a candidate, if you feel the calling
TOMORROW: Get acquainted with those who are candidates

• Donate to candidates

• Volunteer to help your candidates

• April 1 – April 17; go door to door, make phone calls to voters

• April 17; Send out campaign mailers so they arrive with the ballots

• April 18 – May 1: More phone calling and more door to door

•May 3 – Celebrate your efforts and your victories


The future is in our hands today. Is there a better way to celebrate the America that we know and love than by sharing that love with our children? If we won’t do that, who will?