Republicans: It’s Time to Win

By FCRCC Member, Joe O’Rourke

Republicans reside in a castle with many rooms. While all Republicans share a love for life, freedom, individualism, truth and justice, there will always be competing priorities and points of view. Inevitably, there will be disagreements. Acknowledging that differences exist and that diversity can make us stronger is an essential element in winning public support … and elections.

However, in the heat of the battle, Republicans with differing priorities can grow to see each other as wrongheaded, corrupt and evil. Sadly, while these intra-family battles rage within, outside the Leftists seeing disunity and weakness in their adversaries savagely intensify their attacks and make every effort to lay waste to the Republican house and the American Republic.

Republicans, we are less than 2 months away from an election of historical importance.

This election as well as the election of 2024 will determine if The United States of America, as founded, will survive. Now is not the time for Republicans to dwell on past betrayals or to re-fight lost battles. Now is the time to affirm common values and to come together to win! We must support all Republicans even if they are not our first (or even second) choice. To do otherwise is self-destructive and plays right into the crooked hands of our mortal enemies. Only when we and all freedom-lovers throughout America rally, in record numbers, to Republican candidates and get them elected, do we stand a chance of stemming the unending waves of Totalitarian ideas and policies that the Collectivists and Marxists have unleashed upon America.

To turn against our own party now, or to withdraw from the battle entirely, is not a winning option. We must win, and we can win if we but choose to be strong, dedicated and … wise.